The console includes main control system, switch, frequency synthesizer, RF power amplifier, pneumatic and temperature control system and magnetic field control system.

  • Fully digital radio frequency transmitting and receiving system
  • Web-based distributed console and can be extended arbitrarily
  • Controller Network based on CAN bus
  • Direct digital medium frequency sampling technique

Superconducting magnet

A superconducting magnet consists of a dewar and superconducting coils. The vertical room temperature bore in the center of the magnet accommodates the RT shim coil and NMR probes.

  • Oxford Instruments technology inside
  • Active shielding
  • 180 days liquid helium hold time
  • High stability, high homogeneity


High sensitivity, multi-nucleus observation; support multi-range temperature experiment; provide personalized probe customization service. For more information, click the icon qOne

  • Broadband channel rangs from31P to 15N
  • 13C signal/noise is specially optimized
  • All channels including Lock channel supports STM(Smart tune and match)
  • Active shielding Z-gradient coil is specially optimized, and 2H lock


Control and data processing Software for Independent intellectual property Spectrometer.The users control the system of the spectrometer through the SpinStudio software to carry on the NMR experiment or to process the experimental results. The contents of the software display include the graphical pulse sequence, the FID, the spectra, the working state of the system and so on.

  • Complete function of experimental control and data acquisition and processing
  • A simple and familiar style of operation
  • Custom and graphical pulse sequences
  • Full-automatic, high-accuracy 3D shimming technology
  • Perfect automatic experiment function
  • Free license

Typical 1D spectrum

Quantum spectrometer supports 1D experiments of common nuclei and provides customized experiments of unusual nuclei.

Typical 2D spectrum

Quantum NMR spectrometer supports dozens of 2D spectral experiments.

Data can be easily interacted with other mainstream software.

Quantum NMR spectrometer supports conversion to third-party software data formats and processing.